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"RUE is our most personal song to date. It originated from a significant experience with a very important person in my life - and in the process of writing, I found it could apply to almost any close relationship one can have.
The song also raises questions about the conditioning behind the things we as humans do, and how we have to confront the hurt we cause, our own accountability and acceptance of what we can and cannot control.“ - Vocalist Norman



Rid me of the weight of the things I've done. (x4)

These words of mine, that never came to light.

"You know there's part of it you can't let go."
I seek calm and how to detach the past from now.

So I never thought my deed would lie this heavy around our feet.
How I never thought I'd be a dire memento of the promise I breached.
Over time I came to see that the blemish will stay with me - and your thought of me from then, I can't form or mold again.

Will it break me - now the means are gone, for me to try to mend or change it all?
I'm seeing it all fade, it's something I can't reclaim.

Tear through the mind, looking to let go, and I wonder what in me led me to, my actions that sent me this way.
If words that have hurt me I might say too, can there even be real guilt in what I do, when their traces are in all that I speak?

This can't be - make it right, them right, me right, and scour this name of mine.
This is not how I'm defined.

"Once you will know all your doings hold truth..."

You know our kind, we're torn in our being, so quick to cause hurt when frightened to bleed.
Yet born with a pure desire, curious but flawed by fear.

Why do we ask why and how it came to be, if freedom's in all acts that we choose?
Is it really clear what paves our way?
Once we know all our doings hold truth, will we flee them, or give into this rue and acknowledge the marks we create?

This cannot not be.
As the imperfection is a trait of my kind; it's done and given - this name of mine.
I'm giving in, and giving all to let go.

All we’ve been, all we've passed on - does it name what we are? Does it frame what we are?
The root cause and all we've been, all we've passed on - does it name what we are?
Does it frame what we are?

Rid them of the marks from the things I've done. (x4)

The last moment that we've had - maybe there was something I could have said.
Had I a chance to ease your woe if I had been able to see, times ago?
Seemingly, it's for the best - wishing you can be at peace with what I left.
Whatever you decide - all of it's alright.

Take this name of mine and leave it somewhere only you can find, as I behold.
I now know that all that was is right, the shadows that remain precede the light.

Let go. All we've been, all we've passed on - it affirms what we are. Absolution will not.


released April 14, 2023
Music by HAVEN

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Alexander Khromov at "Sonic Boom Studios" Berlin, Germany

Release through Argonauta Records


all rights reserved



HAVEN • Band Berlin, Germany

HAVEN is an alternative/post-metal band from Berlin, Germany - fusing dark heaviness and fragile melody in their music.

They address topics such as consequence of action, the structure of ego, the weight of personal experience, and the significance of human life as part of an all-embracing cycle of energy.

Live, the band enriches their music with individual performative and visual elements.
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